About Us

ND Labs is working on concepts for handling extremely huge volumes of data cost-effectively, for example, to discover behavior patterns for specific user groups so that customized service offerings can be developed for them. Research is being done on context solutions based on scientific behavioral findings gathered from anonymous segmentation and signaling data from the mobile communications network, used externally and in conjunction with other mobile technologies such as WLAN in buildings (e.g. indoor analytics). The main objective is to develop new business models with enterprises from other branches of industry.


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Who whe work for

We Document, Develop, Research and Create Apps  and digital Products.
We Created the  Front and Back-End Solutions for Products such  Appghost®, and YoApp®. Build apps faster Want us to meet a deadline? You’ve got us on speed dial. If you don’t get your app to market in time, your window of opportunity slams shut. ND uses a combination of our proprietary platform tools and custom native development to boost your go to market plan.

ND Labs®

The consolidation and analysis of digital data and market data will result in a new kind of value for industry and end users. In addition to the analysis of existing data pools and technologies, data analytics are also applied to modern B2b and M2M solutions with new and emerging concepts of enormous magnitude, especially in vertical industries. We’ve built one of the  world’s first customer engagement platform using WiFi, Beacons and Location based smartphone capabilities.

ND® Apps

Native and Hybrid apps in the consumer, enterprise space with a strong focus on front-end user experience, robust APIs and scalable backend. Complex mobile web experiences that include eCommerce, real time transactions, live scores and schedules etc. are handled with ease by our team. ND is already building apps in the smart + connected city vertical with focus on healthcare, home automation, logistics and automobile experiences.


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Vegesacker Bahnhofsplatz 5A, D-28757 Bremen, Germany

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+49 421-6095 5317

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